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Sardacom was founded in 1988 to provide precise solutions for the requirements of the telecommunications market. Over the years, Sardacom has gained experience that has allowed it to achieve a leading position in the competitive and strategic sector of advanced technology services for companies.
From traditional telephone equipment to the most evolved and innovative telephony systems, from CTI (Computer Telephony Integration) to VoIP (Voice over IP) solutions, from copper to fibre optic cables, both on local area networks (LANs) and wide area geographic networks (WANs), to indoor/outdoor wireless networks with the implementation of radio and laser bridges, to video surveillance systems and security of industrial and state-owned sites and assets: on a daily basis Sardacom’s employees focus their commitment and develop their expertise in the service of public and private users, with whom they have achieved a strong relationship of trust.



Sardacom is owned by Sole Director Marco Falchi and includes the following departments which reflect its main areas of expertise:
•    Telecommunications
•    Radiocommunications
•    IT
•    Security and video surveillance

Sardacom’s premises include large offices, stockrooms and a laboratory.

For further information or for enquiries, please use the “Contact details” form  (top right), specifying the department you wish to contact.


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