Video surveillance

With over 20 years’ experience in complex video surveillance systems, Sardacom is a  solutions system integrator with Bosch, Sony, Axis, Siemens and Mobotix products and supplies these products to major clients such as civil and military authorities.

Design, installation and maintenance are often complex because of technological innovations in this sector, e.g. IP video surveillance and high resolution cameras. This has led to Sardacom’s considerable investment in research, analysis and manpower.

Solutions for specific sectors

Sardacom can meet any requirement. Typical installations and deployments include:

  • Sales outlets: restaurants, shops, shopping centres and petrol stations
  • Transportation: airports, railway station and public transportation
  • Industry: factories and building sites
  • Urban surveillance for local authorities and public administrations
  • Banks and insurance companies
  • Healthcare providers, including public and private hospitals
  • Environmental monitoring for research institutes and universities.



As well as supplying the equipment and providing the necessary support for the operation of the installation, Sardacom also offers systems on a fixed-term lease. This is often dictated by the needs of clients – generally civil or military authorities – for whom our products offer the most cost-effective solution. Typical examples are: environmental monitoring of landfills, monitoring of pollution caused by fires with portable thermal imaging cameras (movable/with relocating capability) or with the combination of these cameras with traditional filming devices.


The first image shows a river filmed with traditional means, while the second image, obtained with a thermographic camera, clearly shows the polluted section of the river.

Investigative support activities

Statistics show that the number of cases of environmental and telephone interception and access to IT systems by unauthorised bodies has increased exponentially over recent years. As well as specifically making provision for this type of crime, the Code of Criminal Procedure regulates all matters relating to activities carried out by investigators.

Sardacom operates in full compliance of the law in assisting individuals whose privacy has been unduly violated and who wish to provide appropriate answers through their defence counsels during investigations.

Many tools, currently available on the market at affordable prices, are used for espionage in many situations where knowing the thoughts or actions of others can cause them unease and various kinds of damage.

Sardacom can detect environmental wiretaps, hidden micro-cameras, listening equipment via the Internet and VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) telephony, locating devices fitted on vehicles, etc.

Tools at our disposal include:

  • Frequency multispectral detectors for environmental reclamation
  • Wireless micro-camera detectors for environmental reclamation
  • GSM/GPRS micro spy tracker and burst micro spy tracker detectors
  • Mobile phone detectors and jammers
The tools used are supported by manual surveys carried out by our specialist technicians: from the inspection of power sockets and telephone lines, to the survey of sensitive locations ideal for the unauthorised installation of listening devices.