• Sardacom’s areas of activity in this sector are:

    • IP Routing and Switching networks: local area network (LAN) and wide area geographic network (WAN) planning, design, implementation and management on MPLS, BGP, OSPF.
    • Copper structured (Categories 5e, 6, and higher) and fibre optic cabling, for data, voice and video flow transfer. As well as implementing the installation, Sardacom also deals with the certification of the network in accordance with current standards.
    • Virtual infrastructure creation, with deployment of Vmware technologies
    • Dynamic website and web portal creation, and mail domain and server management
    • Network security with multivendor experience (Cisco  Systems,  Juniper,  HP, Clavister, Watchguard, and Sonicwall)


  • Sardacom is at the forefront of the radio communications sector and its  engineers are certified in high-end products such as Infinet, Alvarion, Motorola and MikroTik. Sardacom’s activities in this area are focused on:

    • WISP backbone infrastructure
    • Building-to-building connectivity at typical Fast Ethernet speeds
    • Optically Scattered Non-Line-of-Sight  (NLOS) backbones using low frequency bands
    • Reliable backup for millimetre-wave fibre optic and radio lines
    • CCTV and video surveillance networks
    • Long-distance rural connectivity
    • State and local authority networks
  • Sardacom is a solutions system integrator with Bosch, Sony, Axis, Siemens and Mobotix products and supplies these products to major clients such as civil and military authorities.

    Design, installation and maintenance are easier thanks to many technological innovations in this sector, e.g. IP video surveillance and high resolution cameras. This work has led to Sardacom’s considerable investment in research, analysis and human resources.


  • In the field of telephony, over time Sardacom has further strengthened its expertise and knowledge of Alcatel products.
    Ongoing refresher courses and certifications achieved by its engineers allow Sardacom to handle highly complex configurations providing customers with major advantages resulting from the use of the solutions proposed.

Welcome to Sardacom


SARDACOM s.r.l. is a company with over 20 years of experience.

It operates throughout Italy in cutting edge Information and Communication Technology (ICT). The integration of systems in key areas of our lives and of the way we communicate is at the core of Sardacom’s activities: Telecommunications, Radiocommunications, Information Technology and Security.


Company policy

For Sardacom each client is unique. Each client’s business model, their strategic goals and communication requirements form the basis of our work.




There is no doubt that an increasingly detailed view of clients’ development processes is required given the opening up of markets and services to companies. Thanks to our care for detail, Sardacom provides the highest levels of expertise and professionalism in daily occurring  scenarios. By following this approach, Sardacom has successfully developed major and far-reaching solutions for public

authorities, telephone operators and small and medium enterprises.




In the radiocommunications sector, Sardacom works in partnership with leading industrial and manufacturing companies, both at national and international level, such as EMC s.p.a. and SELEX Communications.
Thanks to an in-depth knowledge of its products which enable it to identify and implement solutions, together with complete confidentiality, Sardacom has been awarded major contracts in the civil, military and legal sectors.
Working in partnership with leading brands, and in particular with ALCATEL, Sardacom has developed considerable expertise and a successful track record in the area of professional telecommunications intended for business clients. The partnership with Telecom Italia for the supply, installation and support of Alcatel systems has also contributed to the successful development of the whole company.